Apply to become an Exhibitor for the 2018 Boat Show

Showcase your company or product to the entire Southeast United States boating community.  The 2018 Southeast US Boat Show, hosted at Jacksonville Florida’s Metro Park & Marina, is the most diverse venue in the boat show world.  Located on the St. Johns River near downtown Jacksonville.

The venue offers seven acres of dry park space, a huge fixed floating dock marina and on site convenient parking.  There are many display options including bulk space on land, booths or space in the marina (more info and photos below).

You can Apply Online 2017 Online Exhibitor Application

or download 2017 and mail-in the Exhibitor Application (both provide you with pricing and display option)

You can call 904-759-2758 or 904-673-0093 should you have any questions or inquiries regarding your space.

Vendor Options:

1. Dry Space on Land a. between 300 – 2500 square feet b. over 2500 square feet





2. Single Boat on Land a. Under 20 feet w/Trailer b. 20-25 feet w/Trailer c. Over 25 feet w/Trailer




3. Booths a. Booth 10 feet by 10 feet with Power b. Booth 10 feet by 10 feet with NO Power




4. Marina Space a. 17 foot Beam and Over b. 12-17 foot Beam c. 12 foot Beam and Under




5. Extras a. Electricity Dry Space / Electricity Marina Space (call for details) b. Skirted Tables and Chairs c. Extra Skirted Table d. Two (2) Extra Chairs e. Other (Call For Quote) Set up an Appointment To Discuss Your Space: Call 904/759-2758 or 904-673-0093 or email us using the ‘contact us’ tab on the right and we will get back to you quickly.

Venue Diagram 2016_04_06_Map_southeast_us_Boat_Show

 Marina Uplands:

The Boat Show at Jacksonville’s Metro Park & Marina

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